Tips To Help You Clean And Detail Your Car On Your Own

The weather is starting to warm up which means that in just a very short amount of time it will be car wash season. You have the option to take your vehicle to a professional car wash and detailing location or you give your vehicle the special treatment it deserves by doing the job yourself. In order to help your vehicle shine and look its best there are some simple tips you can follow:

picture of auto detail and cleaningFirst thing’s first: grab a stiff brush and start scrubbing. You are going to complete this process dry. The purpose is to loosen up all the little particles and dirt that is sitting on your rugs and on your seats. You will wash and vacuum later but for now, just get everything loosened up. You may want a softer brush for your seats but the floor mats and floor can take some good agitation. You can then come along and vacuum everything up. Use different attachments to get into all of the cracks and crevices.Ductwork
If your ductwork is not clean you will probably notice a musty or dirty smell when you start your vehicle and turn on the heat or air conditioning. This is the internal workings of your vehicle so you probably think that unless you can take part of your vehicle apart, you will never get to the ductwork. In fact, it is relatively easy to clean the ducts. You can use a portable air compressor to blast air into the ducts and vents to loosen up any dirt or dust that is in there. Then turn on the air full blast to further loosen up the particles. You will want to do this process before cleaning the rest of the vehicle because you might blow some particles out of the area. You also want to first know the decision of a professional like car detailing beaverton.

Your tires see a lot of wear and tear, especially over the winter months. The process of cleaning your tires is very simple and includes the following:
-Use a special acid-based product. Typically you spray this on dry wheels so make sure to read the instructions first.
-Let the product sit until it has dried.
-Rinse the product off the tires.
-Let the tires dry completely.
-Use a tire blackening product to retain the original color of your tires. This product can stain so be sure to move your vehicle into the street if you want to protect your driveway or garage.

The Body
The best way you can wash the exterior body of your vehicle is by hand. You simply use a good quality sponge along with a soap that is designed for vehicles. Many of these products contain waxes in them as well. After you complete the process with soap and water, you may want to use a body wax on your vehicle to further its shine. To make the process even simpler you can attach a buffer to your basic hand drill and make quick work of the waxing process. Contact beaverton auto detailing for inquiries.

It is now easier than ever to wash and detail your vehicle yourself, just like the professionals do. All of the little tips and tricks that are used in the shop can be done from home. Auto paint has improved over the years making it much more durable so you don’t have to be so careful with it. You can easily wash, wax and detail your vehicle on your own. People will be asking you where you took your vehicle to have it detailed.

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